The Heights Of Haiku - April 2012

April is Poem-A-Day Month for many of us poets. We take on a challenge to write a poem each day in April and share it (or not) with the world on our blogs.

Haiku Heights supports P-A-D Month, and for you, the haiku lovers, and supporters of this meme, we will be offering a prompt every day in April, as we did in September last year.

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The prompts of the Challenge are as above.

The rules of the challenge, are as below. The usual requirements of Haiku Heights meme remain the same.

  1. I'll post each day here and provide the widget at 12AM Indian Standard Time.
  2. I'll read whoever writes a haiku and comment; if not a haiku or senryu, I'll remove the link. If the haiku or senryu is not for that theme, I'll remove the link.
  3. The challenge is to write 30 haiku in 30 days, but you are free to not write for a prompt too.
    You can write for one prompt or few prompts or all thirty. I leave it to you.
  4. The haiku is to be written that day; sharing old haiku matching the theme isn't the aim of the challenge.
    You can write multiple haiku for the theme in one day too.
  5. The link widgets will be open from 12AM IST to 12PM IST the next day so all time zones are covered to a majority extent..
  6. I reserve the right to remove a link if I find it to be hurtful or malicious.

Thanks, and already looking ahead to April...



Grace said...

Looks like a good challenge Leo. I am just confused about your giving out the prompts by March 15, 2012, and your giving the theme each day? As I work,I appreciate learning the prompts ahead of time.

I will be spreading the word. Thanks ~

Ramesh Sood said...

Well..Leo..will try my best..could complete the challenge with SiS..luckily didn't have any issue including no net failure..

ah,fingers crossed
he waits with excitement;
haiku worshipper..

Vinay Leo R. said...

Oh, sorry about that confusion, Grace.

What I mean is, that in this page, all 30 topics, one for each day in April will be available. I'll put it up as soon as I can.

And in April, each day, a prompt with a linky, will come.

I hope that clarifies? Please do spread the word, and looking forward to April now!

Vinay Leo R. said...

I pray that you make it in time too, Rameshji :) and all days.

Grace said...

Yes, thanks.

I also hope that participants during this time turn off their word verification to make commenting easier. Perhaps you can suggest this?

Have a good day ~

Vinay Leo R. said...

I'll put in a word, Grace :)

carol l mckenna said...

Will see what I can do ~ thanks, Leo ^_^

Mohini Puranik said...

That is great. First time I am participating in Haiku Heights...:) Thank you so much Leo. Hope I can write all thirty.

Ellecee said...

I am looking forward to writing a haiku every day in April - hope I can meet my goal. Thanks Leo.

Sankara Jayanth S said...

I will try my best to do it on all 30 days..and thanks for this..its really challenging..leo..

Vinay Leo R. said...

Hi Lorena, that is fine :) You can link to multiple sites too as long as haiku meets requirements; and may have a photo and bit of narrative as well.

Tigerbrite said...

Glad we can have photo and narrative, that means my first one is ok. Nice I can now comment here with the Name/URL box. Looking forward to the challenge, hope I can keep up with it.

Traci B said...

Leo, I haven't been doing haikus or senryus, but I have borrowed a couple of your prompts. I'm not linking to the daily prompts, since I don't want to violate your rules, but I do invite all of your to come read; you can get there by clicking on my name above this comment. Feedback is welcome, as always. Thanks.